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Where are we?

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Sustrai Mintegiak
Paraje Legardia
31174 Etxarri (Etxauri)
Telefonoa. 649 83 01 38


Sustrai Mintegiak forest nursery is in the village of Etxarri, 15 kms. from Iruña, in the valley of Etxauri, known for its cherries  and rock climbing  school. Placed by the Arga river, it is an area of cereal and fruit trees.

We are in the climatic border, where holm oaks and beech trees show us the influence of the Mediterranean and the Atlantic climate.

We have hard winters, with temperatures as lows as -8 and -10 degrees, and hot and sunny summers. That contributes to grow up strong and healthy plants.

In the valley of Etxauri you can also found:

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